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Telescopic Forklift Trucks

Merlo is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines.

It is an established entrepreneurial Group which can claim a front row position on all the world markets and is the international point of reference when talking about telehandlers.

The Group is composed of companies created to complete an ambitious project: create products designed and constructed entirely in Italy.

  • Compacts

    Attention to the needs of the customer is highlighted in the range of Merlo compact telehandlers.

    In fact these models are very small for use in confined environments or small spaces but at the same time offer high profile performance and unique comfort.

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  • Panoramic

    The handlers of the Panoramic range are designed for the construction and industry sectors and offer unique technical and technological features.

    They can be equipped with stabiliser feet to increase performance and with the innovative Merlo CDC (Dynamic Load Control) safety system which further increases the level of safety without reducing performance.

    The Panoramic range is characterised by an enormous variety of models that range from compact machines (for those with space restrictions) to the high performance models to work in large building sites. The range includes 15 models, capacities from 3400 to 4000 kg, lifting heights from 7 up to 17 metres.

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  • Roto

    Thanks to the telehandlers of the Roto range, it is possible to operate 360° thanks to the rotating turret which provides a greater radius of action compared to a fixed telehandler.

    Today the Roto reach 30 metres of operating height and can lift 6 Tons. Thanks to the quality of construction, the performance and the safety, which have always characterised this range of products, the Merlo Group is the leader in the field of rotating turret handlers and Roto has become synonymous of this category worldwide.

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  • High Capacity
    High Capacity

    The models of the High Capacity Series are designed for the most demanding jobs. Thanks to the Merlo technology, the High Capacity can handle very heavy loads and at the same time offer unique high operating stability and speed of manoeuvre.

    Thanks to the regenerating device, the High Capacity models are able to optimize performance by best managing the lifting speed and power depending on the type of procedure, considerably reducing operating time and costs.

    These models are designed for work in ports, in quarries, in mines and for large material handling both with forks and with winches and loaders.

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  • The Professional Range
    The Professional Range

    The Professional Series telehandlers are designed to operate in the most demanding operating environments such as recycling, handling large quantities of material and earth moving.

    Because of this, certain cutting edge technical solutions have been adopted that offer comfort, visibility and unique performance.

    The Comfort of the operator in every operating context is guaranteed by the hydro pneumatic suspension of the CS cab, exclusive Merlo patent.

    The design of the chassis also introduces a structural solution which increases over 20 percent the visibility compared to the already proverbial one of the previous Panoramics. In fact the rear hinged point of the telescopic boom is absolutely the lowest in its category.

    The telehandlers of the CS Series use the new Merlo axles with planetary reducers, designed for the most demanding jobs and a four-cylinder, 140 HP engine, quieter and which guarantees maximum power and torque.

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